Tuesday, March 2, 2010


The Baby room is almost ready! We received our new glider chair yesterday. It is so comfy! Will likes to come in here and sit. (He really likes it when I take his picture!) Here are some photos of the progress in the room...

The heartbeat today was 140-145, so the baby is still staying kind of in the middle but going kind of toward the low end of the whole heartbeat thing. My gut tells me the baby is a girl, but the heartbeat (old wives tale) is saying boy. Only time will tell!! It surely doesn't matter... At least we have names for both!


  1. nice! did you get a new rocking chair?

  2. Yes, we did. We gave our old one away to someone at Bill's office who needed one. (single mom) We didn't think we were going to need it for another baby, but here we are!!

    Now it's time to go out and get all the little fun stuff like shampoos, lotions, thermometer, etc., etc.! I think there's a reason we have 9 months to get ready for a baby. It takes that long!

  3. It's sooo cute!!! I love it!! =)

  4. Hey Amie! I love the nursery too! So exciting and can't wait to see you all again!